Definitions for the purposes of this document: ‘You’ or ‘your’ – The customer booking the photobooth and your guests. ‘We’ or ‘Blooper Photobooths’ – Us, Blooper Photobooths Ltd the provider.

By making a booking with Blooper Photobooths either verbally, electronically (via email or an online booking form for example) or in person it is deemed that you have read, understood and fully agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of hire outlined in this document and also in any other written correspondence between you and Blooper Photobooths. In the event of any disagreement, any direct correspondence between you and Blooper Photobooths shall be taken as ‘those in place’ over this document or any other wording on our website, and this Terms and Conditions document shall be taken as ‘those in place’ over any other wording on our website. Terms and Conditions may be changed by Blooper Photobooths without notice to you but these Terms and Conditions will remain in place on the website and can be accessed by you at any time. The Terms and Conditions on the website at the time of your event shall be those considered to be valid for your event and booking. Additional Terms and Conditions may be added as seen fit by Blooper Photobooths.


Hire Periods

The hire period will be as agreed in advance by both parties. If we are unable to start at the agreed time due to poor access to the venue or being refused access by the venue (or similar circumstances), then the agreed end time for your hire period will remain in place. If your event starts later than planned or runs later than planned, again our agreed end time will remain in place. Whenever possible we are happy to extend the duration of your hire period at the hourly rate of £80, to avoid disappointment this must be organised and paid for as far in advance as possible.

Should you need the equipment in place outside of your operational hours (that is your agreed hire time plus around an hour each side for setting up and packing away) then ‘idle time’ can be arranged where the booth is in position but not in use at a cost of £40 per hour.

Blooper Photobooths will always make every reasonable effort to attend every event and arrive at the venue at the agreed time. In the event of severe traffic delays, vehicle breakdowns or adverse weather conditions that may prevent us from fulfilling our contractual obligations, Blooper Photobooths will be happy to extend the end time of the hire period to make up for a late start up to a maximum duration of the previously agreed hire period. If this is not possible we will refund you accordingly and proportionally to the time we have been delayed by, relative to the cost of your hire period. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any other costs or loss of earnings. We will however try to get to your event on time and as soon as we can and always be in contact with you.

It may be necessary for Blooper Photobooths staff to close the booth on occasion for general servicing of the equipment and photo printer, this disruption is minimal and normal practice. If the booth is out of operation due to technical difficulties for more than 15% of your hire period Blooper Photobooths will be happy to extend the end time of hire to make up for time we have been non-operational for to a maximum duration of the previously agreed hire period. If this is not possible we will refund you accordingly and proportionally to the time we have been non-operational for, relative to the cost of your hire period.

Deposits, prices and payment

All bookings require a deposit of at least £200 to cover administration costs and secure our services for your date. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. No booths can be reserved for a specific date until this deposit has been paid.

Advertised prices may be subject to additional travel charges to cover road charges and tolls and staffing costs when operating outside of our designated area. This will be agreed upon and outlined in writing when you make your booking.

Advertised prices are subject to change without prior notification.

We require the final balance to be paid in full and cleared in our account 21 days prior to the date of your event.

Cancellations need to be made in writing to Blooper Photobooths. Any cancelled booking will result in the loss of your deposit and is subject to the following charges:

Up to 21 days prior to your event a full refund will be made of any monies paid to us, less your initial £200 deposit which remains non refundable.

Within 21 days of your event any monies paid to Blooper Photobooths will be considered full deposit and is completely non refundable.

Venue and equipment

In the event of previous damage or loss of booked equipment, Blooper Photobooths reserves the right to substitute any equipment previously advertised with equipment of a similar nature and quality without notice.

Blooper Photobooths will arrive at the venue approximately 1.5 hours before the start of the agreed hire period for unloading and setup of the booth. If it is necessary for the booth to be in place or set up earlier than this time then an extra ‘down-time’ charge applies of £40 per hour.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we are provided with the correct address for the venue and that your venue agrees to accommodate Blooper Photobooths and our equipment at the agreed time.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that the venue allows good access for loading and unloading of equipment from our vehicle into and out of the venue. Any charges incurred by Blooper Photobooths (such as parking tickets) received as a result of insufficient loading areas or parking at a venue will be passed on to the event organiser.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that a suitable, safe, dry and flat location is available for the booth to be set up in, with safe access to power that both you and the venue are happy for us to use. Setting up outdoors is only permitted in exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement, on the condition that the area is safe, dry, flat and completely shielded from weather. If on arrival it is deemed that the designated area is not as described and poses a possible safety risk to staff, guests, or the equipment, Blooper Photobooths reserves the right to refuse delivery. In such circumstances no refund will be given. Blooper Photobooths will be happy to liaise with the venue to assist in advance of the event if requested.

The photobooth and any related equipment will be set up in one location only as agreed on arrival or as previously discussed and can not be moved once unloaded.

Blooper Photobooths reserve the right to refuse delivery if the venue, site or grounds are found to be unsuitable by our staff or if you the customer have failed to notify us of any substantial obstructions to delivery, including but not limited to stairs or excessive loading distances between our vehicle to the location where the booth will be set up. In such circumstances no refund will be given.

Blooper Photobooths are not responsible for any security or crowd control either in the venue or in or around our photo booth. You are responsible for ensuring that any necessary measures are in place prior to start of your event.

All Internet enabled features including Facebook, Twitter and email connectivity are dependant on a good and consistent Internet connection and the reliability of these third party services. Blooper Photobooths can not be held responsible for loss of this functionality due to a breakdown in these services beyond our control.


Blooper Photobooths do not tolerate any abuse or threat to the safety of any of our staff or any abuse of the booth or booth equipment. If this occurs Blooper Photobooths reserves the right to cease operation immediately and remove any hired equipment from the venue. This applies to you, your guests and anyone in attendance at the venue. Blooper Photobooths may terminate the contract and remove the equipment in cases where our staff feel in danger themselves or equally if the equipment belonging to us is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to the actions or behaviour of you or your guests. In such cases no refund will be given for any hire time not yet provided. Additionally, you will be liable for any damage and associated costs caused by you or your guests or other attendees at the event to the booth or equipment howsoever caused, unless caused by Blooper Photobooths own staff.

All equipment is provided on a rental basis only and remains the property of Blooper Photobooths at all times.


Blooper Photobooths may sometimes request users email addresses when using the interactive services. In these circumstances the user will be informed that their information will be recorded and will be given the opportunity to opt out and continue to use the service. If this request does not occur, no email addresses will be saved.

Any photo taken in the photobooth may be uploaded to a web gallery by the booth users or by Blooper Photobooths unless otherwise explicitly requested by you or a user of the photobooth. You agree to this on behalf of your guests and exempt us from responsibility of publishing the pictures.

Photos taken in the booth during your event may be used by Blooper Photobooths in our promotional material, either printed or digital. We will take care to avoid pictures that we believe may cause offence or embarrassment to the people in the picture. We will remove any picture from our website and galleries if requested to.

If you choose to enable the upload options you take responsibility of allowing all users to upload any picture to the web. Blooper Photobooths reserves the right to remove any photo from public display or from personal galleries if we deem them to be offensive or inappropriate.

Referral scheme

Our referral scheme has additional terms and conditions, available to view here.